Recreation & Enjoyment

recreationHotel Cho Palace Attractions & Activities for great places to go, things to do, recreational and sporting facilities such as leisure centres, golf courses, and swimming pools.

Guests can also enjoy musical concerts, musical nights, live band, DJ nights, live singing, game nights and cultural shows, indoor games and bonfire in the hotel. The slide show and Bonfire in the garden can be arranged on request.

The trans-Himalayan district of Ladakh is purely a storehouse of adventure. Travellers from all across the world keep flocking to Ladakh almost all the year round. When it’s about adventure in India, Ladakh happens to be second to none. Adventure in Ladakh has its own taste and denotation. You have a good number of adventure sports in Ladakh to choose from. Most renowned adventure sports in Ladakh include mountaineering, jeep safari, trekking, cycling and river rafting.

Ladakh adventure holidays have everything to offer an adrenaline junkie might be looking for. There are high mountain ranges, scenic trails, expansive lakes, deep valleys and high passes that add to the joy of your adventure in Ladakh. Before you actually arrive in the daring land of Ladakh, we would like you to add to your knowledge about various adventure options available in Leh-Ladakh. Give below is a list of some of the most famous adventure sports in Ladakh. Start planning your adventure holidays in Ladakh right away!

Adventure Activities in Ladakh

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Cycling in Ladakh
  • Jeep Safari Tours
  • Camel Safari
  • Yak Safaris
  • Mountaineering
  • River Rafting
  • Ladakh Trekking
  • Ladakh Wildlife